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Seed School in the Bay Area!

Bill McDorman, Executive Director of Native Seeds/S.E.A.R.C.H., shares his decades of seed business expertise in Seed School, a 5-day workshop held at Solstice Grove Institute, in Nicasio, California from May 1stthrough the 6th. Seed School offers practical, hands-on knowledge to help create long-term, self-sufficient, agricultural programs.

Nicasio, CA, March 2011 — Worries over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), food security, loss of biological diversity, and the industrial takeover of modern agriculture, have sent people searching for long-term, sustainable gardening solutions. According to Bill McDorman, that solution lies in saving seeds.
Many gardeners, farmers, and growers purchase one-size-fits-all seeds every year when they should be saving their own seeds from plants selected for characteristics (such as pest resistance, hardiness, earliness, and taste) that work best for them. There is no other way to turn the tide on the industrialization of our food system than to think seeds first. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to say we’re going to fight the companies that own and control our food system,” says Mr. McDorman, “until we have our own system in place.”
Seed School will be held at Solstice Grove Institute, a beautiful redwood agricultural center in Nicasio, California in West Marin County, from Sunday, May 1st to Friday, May 6th 2011. This far-reaching, 5-day immersion boasts a practical, hands-on curriculum that teaches everything from basic genetics to modern database management. Seed School trains gardeners, farmers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and policy-makers to implement long-term, self sufficient, and secure agricultural programs.
Seed School recently completed its third training in Arizona and all sessions sold out. Five more immersions have been scheduled for 2011 including 3 dates in the gorgeous Verde Valley of Arizona, one at Solstice Grove in Marin County and another in Tucson at the brand new Native Seeds/S.E.A.R.C.H. Conservation Center. Students of Seed School learn harvesting, processing, germination testing, packaging, and how to use these skills to create diversity and strengthen local bioregions.
Mr. McDorman founded Seeds Trust/High Altitude Gardens in 1984. He has over 30 years experience in the seed business and is author of Basic Seed Saving.

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We are dedicated to Happy Healthy People preserving genetic diversity in our food chain, through the distribution and growing of open pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving. We preserve food diversity and educate about seed saving.


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We're dedicated to the preservation of the genetic diversity in our food chain through the distribution and growing of open-pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving.


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