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San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

After a break in the record rains, the Bay Area was graced with a gorgeous Sunday, perfect to take a peek at the famed San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.  With a conglomeration of stunning displays, from succulent covered aviaries to the perfect outdoor shower, the garden show this year made a direct point to highlight urban homesteading. The edible garden display was an exterior exhibition simply called The Modern Homestead – how perfect!

Designed by Star Apple Edible Gardens, the area was artistically laid out with heirloom fruit trees, edible gardens and even highlighted specialized planting, such as a tea garden!  They delicately highlighted a gorgeous petite chicken coop that could quite easily fit in most yards.  Although, for any interested parties, I wouldn’t suggest more than two chickens and highly recommend having another place for them to forage and have their dust baths.

Sunset Magazine had a mini-test garden where they demonstrated a sampling of their re-creation of the One-Block Project.  Their idea became so successful it was followed by a book  The One-Block Feast.  We caught the tail end of the ladies from Sunset Magazine and absolutely feel in love with what they were doing – brilliant!  Sharing resources, (wo)man-power, passions and voila you have created a community!  This group of urban homesteaders definitely set the bar pretty high – aside from growing food, becoming bee keepers and a few other common backyard practices – they made cheese, sea salt, wine, and vinegar, amongst some other very ambitious projects.  Made me want to really take things up a few notches.  Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

After a busy day meeting, greeting and listening to some great lecture, the take home message was pretty clear, for most people living in an urban setting – there isn’t an excuse go out, meet your neighbors, grow food, brew beer and make a feast!


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We are dedicated to Happy Healthy People preserving genetic diversity in our food chain, through the distribution and growing of open pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving. We preserve food diversity and educate about seed saving.


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We're dedicated to the preservation of the genetic diversity in our food chain through the distribution and growing of open-pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving.


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